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Skid Plates

Take 15% off when you buy the Front, Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, and Fuel skid plates.  If you order Shock Armor at the same time, you will also get 15% off that item.  

With the individual skid plate selection, you can mix and match skid plate materials and finishes.  A common configuration is an Aluminum Front and Fuel skid plates, with Stainless Steel Engine, Transmission, and Transfer Case skid plates.  This gives a great balance of weight savings, for the less vulnerable skids, and strength along the center where heavy dragging is more common occurrence.  Another common configuration is full aluminum skids, but for those who don't want the shinny silver look, but don't want to spend the money on full powder, you can powder coat just the Front skid plate, as that is the only one that is really noticeable.  When selecting Steel skids, a trend we see is 3/16" steel Front to Transfer Case skids, with a Lite Steel fuel skid.  Then the Front skid is powder coated for a nice look.  The Front skid does not take much abuse and is seen more, but to save money, spray paint can be used for the rest of the skids.

At BudBuilt, we believe that money is best used for fuel, and time off from work to have an adventure.  Sometimes it makes sense to spend that money protecting your Cruiser form more expensive damage.  While we know what works best for how we like to off road, we want to help you with the tools to make what works best for your off roading style.  This thought process will give you the ability to easily configure custom skid plates based on a blend of budget, weight saving, and strength to dial in your armor... for YOU.

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