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Front Skid Plate | Land Cruiser 200 Series, LX570
Land Cruiser 200, LX570 Front skid plate with ARB bumper

Front Skid Plate | Land Cruiser 200 Series, LX570

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Build to Order, Bare metal lead time: see Homepage for current lead time
Part Number:FRONT LC200
  • Powder Coating lead time:add 3 additional weeks to above lead time

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Lite Steel 1/8" (3.175mm) thick
Steel 3/16" (4.76mm) thick [+$22.00]
Aluminum 1/4" (6.35mm) thick [+$125.00]
Stainless Steel 3/16" (4.76mm) thick [+$202.00]
Powder Coating
Bare metal - Sanding required prior to painting
Bare metal - Metal is sanded and prepped for immediate painting [+$30.00]
Textured Black [+$85.00]
BudBuilt Hammered Red [+$85.00]
TRD Grey [+$85.00]
Other (specify in checkout "Comments") [+$105.00]
(2008-2021) Land Cruiser 200 Series and LX570 Front Skid Plate

Requires Engine Skid plate to mount properly.  Will NOT work as a stand alone skid plate.

As the first skid to make contact under your 200, we built this skid to handle the onslaught year after year while transferring as little impact load to the radiator crossmember as possible.  The front frame section of a Land Cruiser 200 and LX570 still required meeting collision safety standards.  As such, the frame horns are designed to fail under relatively light impacts.  The need to protect the front end, while not transferring the impact load to the forward most crossmember, led to this unique design.  The second crossmember is substantially stronger and the front skid mounts to the lead edge of the engine skid (the second skid plate we offer).  This design takes all the front end beating load and delivers it to the engine cradle where collision impact was designed from Toyota to not crush, because that area of the frame needs to protect front seat passengers.  This design makes the lead edge double the thickness of the skids selected.  If ordering an Aluminum front skid and an aluminum engine skid, the lead edge is 1/2" thick aluminum.  If ordering an aluminum from skid and a 3/16" stainless steel engine skid, the lead edge thickened is still 1/2" of material!

We do not offer our lite steel (1/8" or 3.175mm) thick plates for the front skid plate.  Lite steel is a good choice for weight and cost savings, but on the short front skid, those two factors don't offer enough benefit and the strength is not appropriate for that lead skid plate.

  • Requires our Engine Skid plate to mount
  • 100% bolt on, no welding, no fabricating
  • Includes armored and recessed engine filter access, never requiring armor to be removed for routine maintenance
  • Edges are formed for strength and rigidity with area to allow for cleaning and mud removal
  • Protects cooling system, HVAC, and front alignment cams
  • Recessed fasteners provide a smooth surface, leaving nothing to hang up on
  • BudBuilt will never cut our logo into a skid plate, weakening the armor, in an effort to advertise
  • 100% North American steel, handcrafted in North Carolina to last

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