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In Shop Installations

Truly "build" your Toyota with BudBuilt

"Knowledge without experience, is just information." With a combined 50 years of Toyota off road, over 35 years of mechanical engineering, and over 40 years of fabrication experience, BudBuilt holds a unique position to not just install products of your choice, but offer a wealth of knowledgeable experience to help you build the adventure vehicle of your dreams.  We go much further than simply bolting on products and sending you on your way.  If we see something, related or not while working on your Toyota, we let you know.  We offer solutions that make sense, that can stand up to the test of off road abuse, and do it properly year after year.  Precision is the only way we know.  Suspensions dialed in right, bumpers leveled to the millimeter, electrical connections properly stowed, factory torque values always adhered to.  If other company's products don't fit perfectly, then something is wrong, and we make sure it's right.  We take our time, with you right there with us if you like.

Full service Off-Road and Overland/Remote Vehicle Outfitter
We properly install all variations of suspensions, bumpers, winches, lighting, and built 3rd members with aftermarket gears and/or lockers.  If its application is to increase your vehicle's capability when traveling in harsh, aggressive, and remote terrain, we can install or fabricate it.

Frame Repair, Strengthening, Modifying
With absolute focus on preventing frame and body damage, BudBuilt armor is unmatched.  The word "unmatched" gets thrown around a lot, but we can easily prove it.  Sadly, about a quart of our work is repairing crushed in frame rails and cross members from competitor's poorly designed skid plates and sliders.  That's what drive us, to make it the best it can be, no matter what happens.  Bud (the legend and lead engineer) and Will (our master fabricator) handle not just bringing your frame back from a deformed state, but can make it better, stronger, and last longer than originally designed.  If you need your frame enhanced for a future life of rock bouncing or heavy weight remote travel capability, we are the shop.

How to Proceed
Please email [email protected] to begin.  We will discuss your unique build, cost, and timeline.