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About BudBuilt

Posted by on 10/29/2010 to News

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BudBuilt was born out of a 4 wheeling engineer's need for some custom parts for his rig. As others saw them while we were wheeling, they wanted them too. I started making a few, then discovered that there was a greater need than I could fill in my spare time making hand crafted parts. We started ordering laser cut parts and purchased the equipment necessary to manufacture them in a quality, professional manner. Now all parts are CAD designed and most laser cut (where appropriate). The fit and finish on our parts is very important to us. We try to supply parts that are ready to bolt on, with no filing or fitting. We understand Toyota's manufacturing tolerances and that some trucks are just "different" but make the best effort to give you a quality, well fitted product.

We also know that many of you are good at wrenching but have no tools or place to fabricate the parts you need for your truck. We are trying to address these issues and make good parts that bolt on and are affordable to the average person. Sometimes, a bolted joint just requires a bit more engineering or material to work as well as a welded one. We also like the ability to remove parts to swap to another vehicle or in case of an accident. It saves having to cut your truck apart to make changes in the future!