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Rock Rails | 2008-2021 Land Cruiser
BudBuilt Land Cruiser 200 Series Rock Rail

Rock Rails | 2008-2021 Land Cruiser

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Powder Coating
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2008-2021 Land Cruiser 200 Series Bolt-On Rock Rails

Built upon the same incredible mounting design as our rock sliders, the BudBuilt Land Cruiser 200 Series Rock Rails offers incredible bottom out protection with as little weight added as possible. When navigating the backcountry, a good amount of drivers are not worried about sliding into a tree or tackling 2' boulders. Where the real issue is, is simply bottoming out the 200 series. So we changed the location and angle of where the main tube (the tube that sits under the pinch seam) sits to give protection right to the edge of the door seam. This allows easy access to step into the cab, full protection of the rock panel area, and frees up payload weight for other equipment.

  • 100% Bolt-On and 100% Reversible, no drilling, no cutting, no welding
  • Drop on rocks with the same crushing blows as our rock sliders
  • Weights 44 pounds less than our rock sliders with fill plates option
  • Protect to 9" from the frame rail
  • 3/8" thick, full frame height and full frame length mounting plates protects the frame from impact transfer load, a feature not available anywhere else in the industr
  • Only round tubing used for its superior strength and sliding ability over square tubing