The sliders will install with the angle of the plate facing forward and the "U" shaped bracket facing the rear.

To begin you will need to support the rear of the vehicle by the frame, lifting the truck just high enough that the rear wheels do not have any weight on them.

Now remove the front leaf spring bolt.  Notice that surrounding where you removed the bolt, the spring hanger is cup shaped.  There are several 5/8" washers in the hardware bag that will be used as spacers here, as you put the slider into place you will put 2 washers on the inside frame of the truck and 1 on the outside frame. These washers will slide between the spring hanger and the "U" shaped bracket on the rear of the slider. You will need the 14mm x 440mm bolt, nut, and 2 washers.  At this point you will need an extra set of hands.  Find someone to help you lift the slider and slide the 14mm bolt with 1 washer on it through the slider/spacer/spring hanger/spacers on the other side/spring hanger again and finally back through the slider.  Put the other washer on and then the nut.  You will want to wait to tighten this bolt/nut until last, so the weight is evenly distributed on the suspension.

Take the 1/2"x6-3/8" bolt and slide 1 washer on it and then slide it through the 5"x2"x1/4" plate that has one  1/2" hole in it offset to one side.  Using the bolt you just installed at the rear as a pivot, swing the slider up into place, installing the prepared bolt/washer/and plate from the inside through the frame and then through the slider, on the bolt sticking through.  First put the flat washer on, then the lock washer and then thread the nut on. Visually make sure the other holes are lined up enough to get a bolt through and then tighten the 1/2" bolt.

Now in the remaining holes you will put a 3/4" bolt with a flat washer on it from the outside through the slider, then through the frame then put one of the 3"x5"x3/8" plates on the bolt followed be a flat washer, lock washer and then thread the nut on. Once you have all of the 3/4" bolts in tighten everything up.

***On the driver’s side, there are some brake/fuel lines that may be in the way.  Keep the plastic retainer clip on the lines, but pull it loose from the hole in the frame.  Pull/bend the lines out of the way as needed. ***