Background information on me: I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Buffalo in Mechanical Engineering. I specialized in materials science and failure analysis. I worked my way thru college as an automotive technician in a small import only shop. I have worked as a design engineer building custom machinery for over 10 years. I ran my own import and sports car shop for 3 years. I was heavily involved in autocrossing and rally cars but kept a 4x4 out at a friends farm to play with. Then I worked as a manufacturing engineer for 11 years, developing products and processes to manufacture them. I worked as a consulting engineer for a while too, but went full time into BudBuilt then. The name was given by someone that asked, "When do I get my Bud built crossmember?" I liked it and it became the company name.

We work from a shop on our little piece of the foothills in North Carolina. We can see the mountains in the background and it inspires us when the work gets hard. :) This is a family run business, with several of our 9 children working in various aspects of the business including the machining of steel.  Over the years, several others have joined us as we have grown and expanded.

We are striving to produce parts that fill a need in the Toyota community without just copying others products. Life is too short to make the same parts that others do! There is lots more that needs to be produced, including some small, helpful parts that make things work better. We will be working on them, both large and small to help you with your build up and to keep your truck working( and playing) for a long time to come. And since we buy parts for our trucks too, we know some of the frustrations of getting the right part on time. We will work our best to make doing business with us as pleasant and painless as possible!

We test all products on our rigs first to ensure they fit and will last and perform well. We also stand behind our products, so if you ever have any problems with them, let us know. We'll work out the right corrective action that satisfies all of us! :)

Thanks for visiting our site!

Bud Rosenberger and Crew