1. Do not install the rear brackets on the Diff skid and then try and mount it on your truck.  It is too hard to get everything lined up.

2. Be sure and use anti-seize on all the stainless hardware. You will need to be able to remove it to service your differential.

3. DO NOT tighten any bolts as you are doing the install. Everything needs to be loose to get it all lined up.

4. Install the driver’s side rear bracket on the differential. Make sure that the brake line is not rubbing on the skid bracket. IF it is as mine was protect it with some rubber tubing or the like.

5. Install the passenger’s side rear bracket on the differential. I needed to turn the brake line clamp over (pointing up instead of down) so that the brake line would clear the bracket.

6. Lift the Diff skid up and install the rear bolts in the rear brackets installed in steps 4 & 5.

7. Install the cross bar on the front of the differential and diff skid.

8. All the bolts should be just finger tight at this point. Shift the diff skid around if you need to get everything just the way you want it.

9. Tighten bolts in this order, or least this is how I did it.
a. Rear driver bracket to diff
b. Rear passenger bracket to diff
c. Rear driver diff skid to bracket
d. Rear passenger diff skid to bracket
e. Front cross bar to diff skid.

10. Check all of the brake lines one last time to make sure they aren't rubbing on anything and protect if needed.