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84-95 Dual Case X 4 cyl Pickup & 1st Gen & 2nd Gen 4Runner

84-95 Dual Case X 4 cyl Pickup & 1st Gen & 2nd Gen 4Runner

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1984-1995 Dual Case X 4 cyl Pickup & 1st Gen & 2nd Gen 4Runner

  • Pricing includes crossmember, skidplate, 15 black flat head metric screws for mounting the rubber mounts (14 needed and one spare) and a long metric Allen wrench.
  • Laser cut dual transfer case crossmembers bolt on with all 8 of the stock mounting bolts that attach it to the frame.
  • Fully machined for smooth bottom and smooth edges.
  • Made of hot rolled pickled and oiled steel for a better finish.
  • Is fully one piece with smooth laser cuts and no stress risers in the corners.
  • Fits around any IFS brackets and mounts with no trimming.
  • Has slotted holes to allow for better frame fit.
  • All BudBuilt dual case crossmembers have a large hole in them to allow access to the drain plug in the dual case adapter.
  • The skidplate must be removed for this access (6 screws).
  • This allows for a totally smooth bottom with no cutouts or holes to catch on the rocks or stumps.
  • The additional thickness of the skidplate allows the bottom of the Toyota factory mounts to be level and flat not hanging down like other products do.
  • Available with drivetrain lift built in at no extra cost!
  • Uses two stock transfer case rubber mounts for better torque absorption and dampening.
  • Does Not Work with V6 or 4 cyl automatic!
  • This dual case crossmember weighs 60 pounds.

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