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2016-2018 Tacoma Step Sliders

2016-2018 Tacoma Step Sliders

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(2016-2018) 3rd Gen Tacoma Bolt-On Step Sliders

Fabricated with the same mounting system and strength as our rock sliders, but with a 0º outer tube for easy access into the Tacoma's cab.

Defending the most vulnerable areas of your Tacoma, BudBuilt sliders are engineered to protect both rocker panel and frame alike. As with all BudBuit products, our sliders are CAD designed by mechanical engineers, with specialties in material science and failure analysis. Combining formal education with decades of engineering and hard-core rock crawling experience, BudBuilt has the proven edge to make products the best they can be.

BudBuilt sliders begin with the strongest foundation in the industry, 3/8" thick, solid steel plate that running the entire height of the frame rail. This foundation works in conjunction with additional 3/8" plates that mount on the back and inside of the frame rail. Massive 5/8" grade 8 hardware "sandwich" the outer and inner 3/8" plates to the Tacoma's frame. This industry exclusive design provides an absolutely rock solid surface for the sliders to be built on. We have seen too many frames buckled inward from other sliders that do not distribute the Toyota's crushing load appropriately. Don't be fooled by "c clamp" designs that offer zero clamping force to the frame, or mounting designs that only distribute the impact load across small clamps or u-bolts, adding unnecessary stress to the frame.

Seven 1.75" .120 steel legs with five reinforcing gussets solidly mounts the frame plate to the main tube. We choose this design for its superior strength qualities over four leg designs, regardless of round of square tubing. Our main tube is constructed of 2" .120 steel tube, providing a rock solid, smooth sliding surface, while not loosing additional ground clearance that 3"x2" rectangular tube causes while providing no noticeable real-word strength increase. Angled 20° upward from the main tube, the outer tube is constructed of 1.75" .120 steel tube with smooth angles to stand up to constant abuse and not hang up on rocks. Four (4) additional reinforcement 1.5" .120 steel tube legs tie the main and outer tubes together, creating a total of six (6) connecting points. This design further increases rigidity and strength across the entire slider. Total distance from the Tacoma's frame to the outer tube is 15.5".

  • BudBuilt sliders are designed and manufactured in house from pure American steel. We will never use lower grade Chinese or Indian raw materials
  • 100% bolt on, no drilling, no welding, no modifications to the frame
  • Unique mounting system provides unsurpassed rigidity and strength during hard impacts
  • Mounted with massive 5/8" grade 8 bolts and ultra thick washers
  • 0º outer tube provide superior stepping surface for driver and passengers alike
  • Sold as a pair (2)

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