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2008-2018 Land Cruiser (Rock Armor) - Stage 2
Land Cruiser 200 Stage 2 includes Front, Engine and Transmission Skid Plates

2008-2018 Land Cruiser (Rock Armor) - Stage 2

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Part Number:LC200 08+:Rock2

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Steel 3/16" (4.76mm) thick
Stainless Steel 3/16" (4.76mm) thick [+$250.00]
Powder Coating
Hardware Upgrade
Regular Hardware
Stainless Steel Hardware [+$20.00]
(2008-2018) Land Cruiser 200 Series Skid Plates

Includes: Front, Engine and Transmission Skid Plates

Stage 2 (Rock Armor) is designed for drivers who need a significant increase of front end, engine, and transmission protection along with an easy maintenance design that only BudBuilt can offer. Stage 2 replaces the factory thin sheet metal and plastic splash shields. Standing as the only line of defense from the forward most crossmember, to behind the transmission crossmember. Constructed from pure American 3/16" (4.76mm) thick, LASER cut, and CNC press brake formed steel. We will never use lower grade Chinese or Indian raw materials to protect your vehicle's expensive underbelly.

BudBuilt utilizes a clean, extremely precise Laser cutting method instead of industry standard plasma cutting. Plasma is limited only to cutting; our laser can cut, drill, engrave, and weld, giving us a distinct advantage over the industry standard. Our protection systems are more precisely fitted to the frame, with tighter tolerances, stronger edges, cleaner cuts, and OEM level of product refinement.

BudBuilt utilizes every possible attachment point, as well as additional load distributing supports, and overlapping plate designs to eliminate frame crossmembers from crushing inward during hard impacts.

  • Protects radiator, front alignment cams, front differential, steering rack, engine oil pan and transmission oil pan
  • 100% bolt on, no welding, no fabricating
  • Includes engine oil drain plug and filter access, never requiring armor to be removed for routine maintenance
  • Edges are formed for strength and rigidity with area to allow for cleaning and mud removal
  • Recessed fasteners provide a smooth surface, leaving nothing to hang up on
  • Allows use of B&M Racing deep transmission oil pan
  • BudBuilt will never cut our logo into a skid plate, weakening the armor, in an effort to advertise
  • 100% North American steel, handcrafted in North Carolina to last