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1996-2002 3rd Gen 4Runner Skid Plate - Front

1996-2002 3rd Gen 4Runner Skid Plate - Front

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Steel 3/16" (4.76mm) thick
Stainless Steel 3/16" (4.76mm) thick [+$195.00]
Aluminum 1/4" (6.35mm) thick [+$195.00]
Powder Coating
Do you have the IFS drop bracket type lift?

(1996-2002) 3rd Gen 4Runner Front Skid

BudBuilt helping you get over it!

•The front skidplate is made of 3/16" steel (unless specified in the drop down boxes). 

•It is designed to be used with the BudBuilt belly pan. 

•Our skid covers from the front bumper to the rear of the sway bar.

•It bolts under where the stock front skidplate mounts and to the stock tapped holes in the bottom.

•There are holes in the rear for attaching it to the optional belly pan.

•BudBuilt skids are shipped with professional finishing, making them easy to handle.

•Steel options and powder coating options available below in the drop down boxes.

•This easily bolts up to existing holes in your frame for convenient installation with new hardware supplied with your skids.

•Includes oil drain hole for ease in changing the oil, and a steering rack mounting bracket.

•This skid weighs 65 pounds in 3/16 steel, 35 pounds in aluminum, and 47 pounds in Lite steel.

•Will work with a 1" diff drop and up to a 3" suspension lift.

•This can be made for common IFS drop bracket type lifts with a special mounting bracket for an additional $30.00.

•NOTE: Most parts are supplied as bare steel- ready for you to paint the color of your choice. They are sanded- and prepped- usually just needing a final wipe down with solvent before applying paint. This helps keep the cost of the parts lower and allows you to fully customize your rig as you want it. However- powder coating is available in a variety of colors! Please choose your powder coat options for each piece of your combo! 


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